The company was founded in 1978 by Athanasios Faltakas. Today is located in the 6th km of Trikala Kalambaka, placed in 15000 m2 of private facilities.
Our company specializes in trade and processing of natural stones, in a great range of designs and colors, from all over the world (marbles, granites, onyx, etc.). Our experienced staff takes over projects, from construction to installation, and delivers them in a safe way. Moreover, we represent some of the largest European companies in energy fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves, wood, pellet and biomass boilers. We undertake to study your place and design and implement an energy fireplace, operating trouble - free and safely for many years.
Our aim is to respect customer's requirements by providing him with excellent expertise and unparalleled quality, combined with rapid and efficient implementation. That is the main reason we have managed to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients and that is also, the best proof of their satisfaction. We always support our customers' maintenance requirements, even after delivering and placing their order.
We look forward to meeting you!