Our company is a pioneer in its field services. Specifically, our staff provides professional services, such as:

  • Marble floors crystallization, for better shine and greater durability.
  • Marble floors polishing and scrubbing. Using the appropriate cleaners, we remove dirt and stains, so they can look as new.
  • Construction and installation of energy fireplaces and also, possibility to connect them with the radiators.
  • Check and repair of fireplaces construction, increasing safety and functionality.
  • Professional fireplace chimneys' cleaning, in houses and business premises.
  • Wood and pellet stoves cleaning.
  • Monuments and graves construction, placement and maintenance.
  • Stone structures construction (churches, walls, etc.). Our exhibition has a variety of different stones to choose and we will take care the proper placement.

Come and visit us and together we will find the solutions to your needs, responsibly and conscientiously.